Department Of Transpertation (D.O.T.) Holds Meeting on Bridge Toll

Department Of Transpertation (D.O.T.) will be in Portsmounch on Dec. 3rd at the Portsmouth High School at 7PM. For a public hearing on the Sakonnet River Bridge Toll

The Department Of Transpertation (D.O.T.) will be in Portsmounch on Dec. 3rd at the Portsmouth High School Auditorium at 7PM.  For a public hearing on the Sakonnet River Bridge Toll.

They are looking for comments on the impact on the toll to the people on Aquidneck Island and neighboring communities.

Please: if you have signed the Petition opposing the toll, which over 27,000 of you did, Please come to this forum and let your voices be heard.

If you have signed the petition or oppose the toll, please let me know at: notolljeanne@cox.net. This will help me keep you current on the status of our fight against the toll.

Please let WE THE PEOPLE, be heard....


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Jim L November 26, 2012 at 01:17 PM
ALSO CHECK OUT stop AND DONTTOLL .COM,either way this is the next step up from the petition and any and all folks who signed should be going there, The DOT and RITBA will be looking to see if all the folks who signed the petition still hold strong. December 4th a meeting will be held in Tiverton also, try to make at least one of these meeting and tell your town council and reps that another meeting should be held after the DOT does their own econmic impact study and it is released in FULL to the public. If this isssue is not reviewed in detail by the Public and the GA then Newport County may become the next Studio 38 and only the taxpayers of Newport county will be left footing the major part of money going to the RITBA. The DOT could and should be able to effect repairs and maintance on the Jamestown and Sakonett river Bridge, , most maintance on the Newport and Mt Hope bridges are bid jobs the DOT didn't bother to maintain is just to treat all the taxpayers of the county like we are cheap labor supplying funds for projects upstate, Don't LET THIS HAPPEN, The Petition drive has gotten us this far now we must use our voices, The GA and DOT MUST be made aware just how much of a bad idea new TOLLs are, how it will effect everyone and everything If you live on the Island , When the DOT showed up in Bristol it was made very clear to them that new tolls on the Mt Hope bridge would not stand, and NOW , We must do the same NO NEW TOLLS
Stanley Martin November 26, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Give it up Jim... PAY YOUR SHARE...
Jim L November 26, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Stanley don't worry the DOT will let you keep your job, just not with the RITBA
Stanley Martin November 26, 2012 at 04:49 PM
I have nothing to to with the RITBA. I simply commute across the bridge and think those scabs in Portsmouth and Tiverton that don't want to pay .83 are crying to he wrong people...
Jim L November 26, 2012 at 09:03 PM
#1 Mr Martin, I won't ever have to pay a toll if I chose, I just won't go on the island any more, so your point is just moot,
Jim L November 26, 2012 at 09:10 PM
TOLLS??? Went and did a pass on the petitions today over 1000.00 new signatures, Also pased out the STOP letter on new Tolls impact on business in Middletown and Newport, Did a few quick stops in Portsmouth to drop of the stydy and wa syrprized when a woman said she had filled out a DOT study on tolls last week, Big surprize, one of the reason for this petition was to get the DOT to due a complete study, seeme what they did was E-mail 70 companys in Portsmouth and as for answers I hear 26 people replyed and thats that as far as the state is goes, They think nobody cares
Jim L November 26, 2012 at 09:22 PM
I placed Petitions in over 300 hundred bussinesses in Newport county, over 28,000 thousand legit voters signed it, and NOW the DOT is just trying to slide on by, With the thousands of folks from Middletown and Newport that put there name on the line how can the DOT just ignore them/you/we/ us?If Middletown isn't given a voice in the deal, the State is going to say Middletown just doesn't care. THAT IS A LIE, I have spoken to to many of you and heard all about the bad economic impact we see coming, 70 busineeses out of almost 300, that care and they say thats a study? You must not let this happen or is is over, Newport county WILL become the RI ATM untill common folks quit coming here to spend their money, The beach's the Drive the odd little shops aND STORES the Mansions, The Pell bridge saved all that, and now the state wants to use a bridge to KILL all of it Don't let this happen, go to the meeting. call your town council, ask your rep whats going on, Do NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT! DON"T LET THE DOT PULL A FAST ONE , the tolls if allowed wil NEVER disappear, NO TOLLS


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