Sailing Show Films at O'Brien's

OnTheLine: Extreme Sailing filmed interviews with the series' actors at O'Brien's Pub recently.

filmed interviews with its actors at  for the “loosely scripted” series based on a fictional production crew documenting extreme sailing around the world.

Project Director Janet Johnson Smith described the show as “30 Rock meets Deadliest Catch.”

Local New England actor Holt Murray, playing Stephan Hall, and Frank Petty, playing Bryan Swanson, discussed their charcters and filming in Newport.

“I’m really looking forward to being in this part and having a good time with it because the character himself is very introspective, but in the same sense very outgoing. . .and really gets into the extreme sailing aspect of it," Murray said.

He also said that he is a fan of reality shows that push people to the edge.

“It’s never been done,” Murray said of OnTheLine.

Petty, a Newport resident since 2000, said he “couldn’t think of a better place to live” than Newport, and the local culture is a perfect fit for the series.

“I think the show would be a big hit around here, especially with the America’s Cup coming here,” he said. “It would blend perfectly with the environment we have around here.”

Stay tuned for filming updates and keep an eye out for camera crews around Middletown and Newport.


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