Bites Nearby: Braga's Traditions Live On

New owners at Braga's, same great grinders.

has the same menu and location but different owners. When Mr. and Mrs. Braga decided to retire after almost 30 years in the business, they sold their iconic grinder shop to Cheryl Fountaine and Ron Dunbar Jr.

Cheryl Fountaine might be a familiar name to you, she used to own KC’s on Broadway in Newport (near the hospital). KC’s was famous for their breakfasts and I know the café is missed.

Cheryl wanted to continue in the Braga tradition so the Braga’s stayed on and taught her their recipes, especially their Portuguese soup, turkey soup (turkey cooked fresh every day) and meatball grinders. For the past 15 years Braga’s has been closed on Saturdays but Cheryl is now open from 11-2 for the weekend lunch crowd. The Bragas also gave Cheryl the recipe to their famous Newport Fire House Pizza. Perhaps it will appear on the menu someday.

Twenty three types of grinders, small or large, hot or cold, everything from vegetarian to Genoa salami to grilled chicken. It is your choice.  Grinder and burgers come with a bag of chips. Braga’s also offers wraps, burgers, spaghetti or salads, French fries, onion rings and beverages.

Braga’s is located across from the Stop and Shop on Rt. 114 West main Road in Middletown, RI.


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