Looking to Get An Extra 'Spring' in Your Step This Spring?

Spring is officially here! Here are some tips you can do to manage and help prevent further Degenerative Arthritis changes and enjoy walks in the fresh spring air.

Spring is officially here! Say goodbye to the cold days with arthritis flareups and say hello to days of walking pain free out in the sun! If you suffer from osteoarthritis, than you understand. Arthritis is a painful wear and tear inflammatory condition that causes breakdown of bone, of cartilage between the joints, dehydration of synovial fluid in joint that helps with smooth movement, and overuse of surrounding musculature of that joint. OUCH!

What if I told you some of this could be prevented and wasn't all genetic? Degenerative Osteoarthritis or "Spinal Decay" can get worse over time if not properly managed. Just as if you had a tooth cavity that was getting worse, you need to manage it before it completely decays, is more painful, and it needs to be replaced or filled in. But unfortunately unlike our teeth, we only get one spine! There's no replacing it. So here's some tips you can do to manage and help prevent further Degenerative Arthritis changes.

1. Get Moving. Moving inflamed (swollen/irritated) joints is a great way to help decrease pain and stiffness, increases flexibility and strength, and reduce swelling. Aerobic Exercise is great for this; particularly low impact exercises (bicycle, swimming, elliptical)

2. Receive Chiropractic Adjustments. Restoring proper movement back into arthritic joints is key. Adjustments will provide in reducing pain, increased joint mobility, and reduced potential for joint dysfunction leading to further arthritis. Getting regular adjustments can really make a difference and it feels great!

3. Say No to Meat & Yes to Salmon! Wild Salmon has a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids, an essential fatty acid that helps manage inflammation. Plus, it's a lean lower calorie option high in protein! (choose wild salmon, not farmed) Meat has a large amount of Omega 6 which causes more inflammation throughout the body. 

4. Utilize Joint Support Supplements. Supplements high in Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM will help to rebuild that broken down cartilage causing pain. Adding Turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory, is a great way to combat inflammation without the side effects of aspirin or Ibuprofen. (Do not take both at the same time or if on blood thinning medication.)

5. Yoga is Your Friend. Yoga not only creates increased flexibility and movement within the joints, but it also equally strengthens your muscles to help support those unstable joints. 

For more information on natural methods of pain relief for arthritis contact Dr. Kosciusko at (401) 683-6430, visit us online at www.newhorizonchiro.com or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or linkedin for frequent healthy tips and articles! (There are many types of arthritis so it's best to consult with your medical doctor or chiropractic physician if you have any questions before starting treatment to see what options are best for you.)

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