Miniature Gardens Make Big Impressions

Release Your Imagination with a Fairy Garden


Fairy gardens have steadily been growing in popularity as a fun, whimsical enhancement for both novice and veteran gardeners. Not only are they unusual and eye-catching, they are extremely adaptable as they can be created indoors or out, in containers or in the ground.

A fairy garden is simply a mixture of miniature plants and flowers, but the element of surprise and wonder lies in the details. Of course a fairy garden requires a fairy to nurture and look over the plants, but small enhancements and accessories can really make an impact in the scenery.


Any planter, container, terrarium, flower bed or garden can be converted into a fairy home. Once the location is determined, visit a local nursery and look to purchase small or miniature plants and flowers, such as mini Hosta, ground covers or terrarium plants, which are basically smaller versions of their sister bigger plants.

The Garden

Any isolated area would create a wonderful mini landscape, but if there is a secluded spot under a tree or tree stump is the perfect location to create a little wooded scene with the fairy living in her own natural habitat.


For a container, regular potting soil is suitable and in the garden, enhance the loam with compost and all-purpose fertilizer.

The Accessories

The most enjoyable process of creating this scene is probably choosing the garden accessories. Many local nurseries now offer doll house-size accessories, such as benches, arbors and garden tools and many versions of eccentric fairies. Other resources for garden garnishes can be found most anywhere, such as yard sales, toy stores, craft stores, or even digging through a child's toy box. At the end of the season, be sure to secure the collection for many years of enchanting enjoyment.

Benefits of a Fairy Garden

This unique and charming garden can be finished within an hour or can be a wonderful project to involve the entire family. It is a great opportunity to encourage the love of nature and gardening with the next generation of gardeners!

A Fairy garden is a quick, unique opportunity for gardeners who are limited on indoor space or just want to craft an extraordinary and quirky vignette in a mature garden. Indoors, the containers require minimal room and can organically enhance a small apartment, condominium, deck or even a child's bedroom. It's a great way to bring nature indoors and requires minimum maintenance.

So set aside an hour or so this weekend and release your imagination to create a fantasy garden for all to enjoy!

If the idea of a fairy garden sounds intriguing, Chaves' Gardens if offering a fairy garden workshop, Saturday, May 26, 10 a.m. The price is $35 for the workshop and all the materials.

Information for this article was contributed by: Chaves' Gardens, 935 East Main Rd., Middletown, RI. 


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