Recycling Really CAN Pay Off

Letting RI businesses participate in city recycling can benefit everyone

Rhode Island cities and towns were recently issued checks by Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation for the efforts of residents recycling. RIRRC has recently also launched an educational program to better inform residents of what is and is not acceptable for the bins. Providence is currently changing over their recycling program in an effort to increase the recycling rates after a summer recycling contest among the 5 collection routes. However one of the biggest potential contributors to this revenue generator seems to have been left out of the equation:


Rhode Island businesses of 50 or more employees are by law required to recycle, and there is an effort by RIRRC to educate businesses of all sizes with free waste audits. Why not direct the benefits of those audits (increased recyclables) back into the cities the businesses are located by allowing them to place the same items residential customers can at the curb side ? Even smaller businesses currently that recycle must pay for dumpsters to be emptied at their own expense. Imagine the savings that businesses could realize with one less expense and the increase in recycling rates across RI cities. This could be a great way for RI goverment to show they are trying to help businesses even if it is a small step.

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Erren Robateau October 13, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Steven residents CAN place shredded paper out for recycling the only change is that it must now be double bagged to prevent it from bursting open when it first gets to the recycling facility. Workers are able to then pull it from the line and put it in the appropriate pile.
Chris12 October 13, 2012 at 05:58 PM
I put my shredded paper in a lawn and leaf paper bag. When the big paper bag is full I put it in the recycle bin. No plastic. No bursting bag. All paper going in the bin
PM JONES October 13, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Now I'm really confused! My comment was intended to point out the irony of collecting shredded paper in a *plastic* bag and sending it in a dumpster to the landfill with other refuse. Then Steven & Erren indicate that even residential paper *must* be bagged in some way. I run a paper-driven business from an office attached to my residence, and I've recycled shredded paper in our green bin with other paper goods.for over 20 years. At times, we've even used 2 green bins and haven't been been informed of any restriction on residential shredding. Does this vary by town? BTW, I am *not* in Johnston.
Erren Robateau October 13, 2012 at 07:44 PM
It really can be confusing ! Each city and town can make their own rules about how they would like residents to recycle for example Cranston might make residents place 2 bins at the curb with paper and bottles separate while Providence is now allowing residents to mingle all recyclables in 1 large can. Here is where it gets interesting..at RIRRC everything from ALL the cities and towns is dumped together so bottles and paper make the same ride on the conveyor when the truck is emptied. The reason that shredded paper must be double bagged (paper or plastic) is that when it hits the first drum that breaks up the compacted material the shred clogs the gears and gets everywhere.


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