Taking A Stand For Gun Control

It is time to raise our voices, time to "Stand and Fight" for Gun Control.

“Stand and Fight” reads the new NRA ad. It even gives a website, nrastandandfight.com, where you can pledge to stand and fight with the NRA (and give them money). I have to admit, my first reaction was anger over their choice of words and for featuring the First Daughters in the ad. 

On reflection, I think those of us who want to see rational gun regulation need to take the ad’s advice. Surveys show that a majority of Americans (and even NRA members) do want some form of regulation, yet we have not shown ourselves to be a powerful enough counterweight to the gun lobby. For far too long, most of us have sat down and allowed the NRA to roll over any attempts at instituting sensible regulations for firearms. We allowed the NRA to control the conversation after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Rep. Giffords' shooting, and the Aurora theater, but I do think Newtown changed the dynamic. A sleeping giant, America's parents, has been horribly shaken awake. We are realizing we outnumber the gun lobbyists. It is time we make ourselves heard. 

Note well: I am not advocating eliminating guns or gun ownership. I respect the rights of those who want to hunt or want a handgun for personal protection. Assault rifles and high capacity magazines are not necessary for either. I want a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. I want comprehensive background checks and training certification required for all gun sales, public and private. I want guns to be subject to the same level of regulation as my automobile, and I want ammunition purchases to be subject to the same requirements as the Sudafed for my sinus headaches. 

So I do pledge to “Stand and Fight,” just not as the ad's makers intended. I pledge to stand up at rallies and meetings in support of gun regulation. I pledge to call and write letters to my legislators, to the newspapers and blogs, and to talk to my friends about what we can do to enact legislation regulating guns and ammunition. I have my “Mom card” and I intend to use it. 

It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. I am hopeful my words and actions will be mightier than the NRA’s gun money. Augmented by the words and actions of like-minded parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters, they can be. 

I am ready to “Stand and Fight” for gun control. Are you?

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Leave RI January 30, 2013 at 03:45 AM
you all have an honorable mention in the poetry blog
RWB January 30, 2013 at 04:58 AM
@NL: He murdered his mother, six other adults and 20 children with a firearm he should not have had access to; how can you POSSIBLY use that an example of knowing right from wrong and being responsible??? What side of this argument are you on, because you now seem to be arguing against yourself. Just because they found someone who said she was responsible doesn't mean that's correct. There was also an interview with someone who knew the murderer who's first reaction was that he wasn't surprised: which is more accurate in hindsight? As for the 'cowardly' comment: seems you're out of talking points & HufPo cut & pastes and the personal attack begins... Last line of the play book.
Jack Baillargeron January 30, 2013 at 06:23 AM
As usual NL, you just name call, insult and are afraid of the facts when they do not fit your fantasy of a solution. So 87 milion people are "overweight, out of shape, over the hill beer bellied blowhards" huh? Amusing and bigoted at the same time. What does Zimmerman have to do with this? Far as I know he has not even been convicted of anything. How about we let justice run first, or do you prefer lynching to a trial, it would fit with most of your views on this issue in my opinion. I doubt very much the US Army would start shooting civilians like you want them too if the Government decides to turn to tyranny and disarm the people. Our military is like no other as well as out law enforcement. They are not going to roll over an let the Country turn into your wish of burning the Constitution, and subjegating the people under their boots. I love how you talk about your rights but want to remove the rights of 87 million other people to accomplish nothing more than feel good you did it. It will however still not solve a single thing you claim you want to solve. I guess it was to much to ask my question. I figured you of all the anti-gun people on here would attempt it. But I was wrong. Here it is again. "Name one thing ever banned in the 20th Century that accomplished its goal of stopping it from being used by a criminal or evil person for the matter?" PS; It's "Plan 9 From Outer Space" A great Ed Wood movie ;-}
Jack Baillargeron January 30, 2013 at 06:27 AM
I love Poetry Leave RI, Thanks for the mention ;-}
BD January 30, 2013 at 11:38 AM
Class act once again Joe/Jethro/Notorious/Biker Hd/Crazy Richard/crime boss/Richard Joslin. Glad to see you are still "only posting with your real name".


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