Sakonnet Bridge Tolls, Can They be Defeated?

Request for state-wide support in fight to stop Sakonnet Bridge Tolls.

Was anyone besides Dan Reilly listening at the Portsmouth Business Association sponsored meeting with Assembly Members on Saturday, September 22nd?

The message was tolls are not acceptable... period! 

The DOT has mismanaged their funds and this will NOT be passed on to the citizens of the East Bay!

We are calling on the people of the state of Rhode Island to rally with us and tell their legislators that this toll (on a commuter bridge) is not acceptable.  When we all stand together, as we did on National Popular Vote, and on the East Bay Energy Consortium Act that was going to potentially return some funds to nine towns in the east bay, but on the backs of the other 30 towns by raising utility rates... we were successful!

This is NOT just an East Bay issue!  We need statewide support on this.

Please stand with us and tell the DOT to go back to the drawing board.  They can certainly find a solution if their backs are up against the wall!

Legislators that voted FOR the tolls are Ajello, Baldelli-Hunt, Bennet, Blazejewski, Brien, Carnevale, Cimini, Coderre, Corvese, DeSimone, Diaz, Fellela, Ferri, Fox, Handy, Hull, Jacquard, Johnston, Keable, Lally, Marcello, Martin, Mattiello, McCauley, McNamara, Medina, Melo, Messier, Naughton, Nunes, O'Grady, O'Neill, Petrarca, Phillips, San Bento, Serpa, Silva, Slater, Tanzi, Tarro, Tomasso, Ucci, Valencia, Walsh, Williams, and Winfield.  (some of these legislators have already lost in their primary challenge, but I wanted the count to be accurate.)

Tell them that the voters of Rhode Island will NOT play the "divide and conquer" game that has always worked so well for them in the past!  We must all stand together!

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Herb Weiss October 12, 2012 at 02:03 PM
We all need to be clear on this Toll tax matter. Chafee wants to use our sales taxes, gas taxes,Income Taxes, Registration and license taxes along with our share of federal highway monies from our federal gas tax and federal income taxes we pay. Chafee then uses our tax dollars to pay for the rest of the state bridges and roadways. Then Chafee wants us to pay with the Pell toll tax and the Sakonnet River Toll tax to pay for our own bridges and roadways I call it DOUBLE TAXATION THE AQUIDNECK ISLAND DOUBLE STANDARD.
Leslie Stern October 22, 2012 at 07:10 PM
I am a commuter. I live in Portsmouth and work in E. Providence so I either will have to pay the insane toll or leave the house 30 minutes earlier and lose time with my family to go over the Mt. Hope Bridge and down through Warren, Barrington, Etc.... It would be CRAZY!!! I emailed Gov Chaffee and shared my thoughts with NO RESPONSE except the blanket email that I probably wouldn't get a response. So disappointing.
Jeff Keeney October 22, 2012 at 10:04 PM
I have to laugh at all the "83 cents" comments. Do you know that if your vehicle is in excess of 7500 pounds gross vehicle weight, (any typical van or 3/4-ton pick-up) you still pay full toll price, even with a Speedpass? And you have to pay $25 for the transponder. My only source of transportation is my work-van. I cannot afford to own two vehicles in this economy. Sometimes my work requires several trips per day over the Sakonnet Bridge. Tolls would be VERY financially hurtful to my struggling company. I feel that I pay enough in fuel taxes, and registration, which is also based on vehicle gross weight, and more taxes should not be forced on small businesses right now. Thanks for listening to me "whine".


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