Bites Nearby: Coastal Roasters, Well Worth the Drive

There's great coffee to be found in Tiverton.

"Hand roasting fresh coffee since...this morning" is their motto and boy how true. The aroma is amazing and will draw you in just driving by.

Coastal Roasters is located in Tiverton, RI. They hand roast the coffees daily in their waterfront shop on the Sakonnet River in the historic Stone Bridge District at 1791 Main Road. Funky and fabulous in décor there is so much atmosphere packed into their café. It is a visual as well as taste experience.

You may sit outside in the nice weather.

Vegan cookies, fruits and a cookie that has everything in it, as well as other sweet treats are also available.

They take their coffee very seriously. The coffee is roasted in small batches daily by hand. The beans are selected carefully for making the best cup of java possible.

Coastal Roaster subscribes to the principals of “Equality: With freshness and quality as absolute criteria, we endorse and support Fair Trade principles - that the farmers who bring you this full flavor are treated with respect and dignity, paid living wages for their product, and engage in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.”

Coffees from around the world are found at Coastal Roaster; nutty, fruity and snappy coffees from Mexico to Peru, from Africa floral and fruity flavors with citrus tones, Indonesian coffees that are sweet and low in acid while coffees from world’s island are rich and low in acid. It is well worth the drive.

Coastal Roasters is located at 1791 Main Road, Tiverton, RI, 02878. The phone number is 401-624-2343. For more information, .




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