3 Arrested After Late Night Fight at Ma's Donuts

The following information is based on Middletown Police Department arrest reports and does not indicate any convictions.

Two men and a woman were arrested after a pre-dawn fight in the parking lot of Ma's Donuts Wednesday, resulting in a broken front door at the popular eatery. 

Police arrived at Ma's Donuts, 78 West Main Road, at 1:22 a.m. for a report of a fight outside the restaurant. 

Four individuals were standing outside Ma's Donuts when police arrived. The group was arguing and "causing a disruption to the business which was still open," according to police reports. 

One of the men, Thomas H. Matthews, 44, of 22 Connecticut Ave., Middletown, appeared to be intoxicated, police said. Officers also saw a large, spider-web crack on the front door of Ma's Donuts. 

When asked about the damage to the door, Matthews allegedly began calling the officer a racial slur and told police he was "not a snitch," according to reports. Matthews then allegedly continued to yell, swear at officers and attempt to walk away. 

Later on, Matthews again began to yell, walked towards the officer and raised his arms in "an aggressive manner." He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. 

Witnesses told police a fight occurred between a man and woman: Benjamin Carrasquillo, 36, of 27 Ranger Road, Newport, and Fallon Marie Abat-Bostic, 29, of 202 Rogers Lane, Middletown. 

According to witnesses, the two fought in the Ma's Donuts parking lot.

During the fight, Abat-Bostic allegedly slapped Carrasquillo in the face after he allegedly pushed her into the front door of Ma's Donuts. 

They also yelled swears at each other. The two were arrested and each charged with disorderly conduct. 

However, this fight did not cause the crack, according to video surveillance. 

The eatery's video surveillance allegedly showed Matthews enter Ma's Donuts, argue with a woman inside and then walk outside, slamming the glass door. 

Matthews was charged with vandalism to property. 

After being transported to the Middletown police station, Matthews reportedly urinated on himself during processing and allegedly told officers to "duck" if they went to Newport because he "was going to get" them, according to the police report. 

Matthews later allegedly stole food from another prisoner in the cell. He was held until arraignment Wednesday morning in Second District Court. 

mandy April 18, 2013 at 12:28 AM
Always oxbow hmmm they need to check who runs it
T. E. April 18, 2013 at 02:10 PM
OMG... Ma's Donuts needs a bullet proof doors and locks after a certain hour, provide patrons a open drive thru slot to get good and provide money.. forget that crazy stuff, couldn't pay me enough to deal with that drunkenness at night....
Mccly1990 April 18, 2013 at 04:43 PM
People give a different address all the time, doesn't mean they live there. I have lived in Oxbow. We did move because every dollar you make they take, as well as the drama that goes on but keep in mind though some people live there because they have to not because they want to!


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