Man Allegedly Strips Naked, Urinates in Cell

The following arrest was reported by the Middletown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

A traffic stop Friday night that resulted in a disorderly conduct charge, only escalated once they got back to the station, according to Middletown police. 

Once stopped, Dennis Perry, 38, of 40B Fagan Court, Peacedale, was asked to exit his car because police said it smelled of marijuna. 

“Marijuana is legal now, why you being aggressive, this is cause I’m black,” Perry allegedly said to police.  Police said as they conducted the search, Perry was swearing and accusing the officer of racism.

When police asked Perry to sit down, he allegedly said “I’m a grown ass man, I ain’t sitting down.”  He also added that all cops were racists, said police.  Police said he was detained in the cruiser while police continued the search. Inside the cruiser, Perry allegedly yelled, swore, banged his head against the window, told police they were racists and said he was a grown man.  

Police arrested Perry for disorderly conduct.  At the station, Perry allegedly removed all of his clothes until he was completely naked.  Police said while in the cell, he dampened toilet paper and threw it at the cell camera.   Police  removed the toilet paper from another cell and transferred Perry. 

At 5:00 the next morning, police returned to try to process Perry.  He allegedly wrote in spit on his cell door “[expletive] the police,” along with other expletives that were misspelled, said police.  

Police said they asked Perry several times to cooperate so he could be released. Perry allegedly swore, said he did not want to be released and called the officer a “honky racist”.   Police put him back in the cell and explained if he continued to deface the window, he would be charged with vandalism.

Once back in the cell, Perry continued to spit and write obscenities on the cell block window, spit on the camera and urinated on the cell door, walls and floor. He was transferred to another cell and said he did not wish to be processed.   

PigsGotToEatToo April 13, 2013 at 09:18 PM
Kind of sounds like the man


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