Man to Police: Dollar Bills Are For “Buying a Girl"

The following incident was reported by the Middletown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Middletown police arrested a man who they suspected left the scene of an accident at Third Beach Road and Indian Avenue last Sunday. No injuries were reported.

Carey Kilroy, 33, of 118 Harrison Ave., Newport was charged with duty to stop at an accident and for driving with an expired license.

Police said they they found Kilroy after a caller said a man was trying to flag down cars.  He matched the description from witnesses of the accident.

Police said when they spoke to Kilory, his story kept changing.

At first, Kilroy told police he was coming from a party, but he could not recall the location or anyone who attended.  When asked about the accident, he reportedly said that his friend Craig was driving.  After being asked multiple times for Craig's last time, he reportedly answered "Smith".  Police said Kilory appeared to be intoxicated.

Police said Kilory then explained he had several one dollar bills on him for “buying a girl.”   He then changed his story that they were looking for girls on Indian Avenue, said police.  The story then became that one girl was in the car.  But when he explained that they rear-ended the car earlier that night, he said "both girls" fled the scene with Craig Smith.

Police said he continued to tell conflicting stories about what happened while being transported to the Middletown Police Department.


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