Middletown Police: Breaking and Entering, DUI

The following information is based on Middletown Police Department arrest reports and does not indicate any convictions.

report the following recent arrests:

Three Juveniles Arrested For Breaking and Entering

Two 16-year-olds and one 17-year-old Middletown teens were arrested on felony breaking and entering charges around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 4.

Police responded to a call at 34 Puritan Dr. when a neighbor called police to report a break-in. When police arrived, the teenagers were allegedly running out of the back of the house. Police pursued the teenagers by foot.

Police reported they caught up to them behind a residence at the top of Columbia Court and ordered them to the ground.

One of the suspects complied and was taken into custody. The other allegedly ignored the order and kept running. He was later found hiding in the brush off the south side of Columbia Court.

The third suspect was found by another officer on Columbia Court and also brought into custody.

Parents of the suspects were all notified. 

Driving Under the Influence

Twenty-four year old Heather Raymond of 98 Gibbs Ave., Newport, was arrested around 3:41 a.m.  Sunday, March 4., on a first offense misdemeanor driving under the influence charge. Raymond was also cited for presence of alcoholic beverage while operating a motor vehicle and operating to the left of center.  

Raymond was pulled over after police reported that she swerved across the yellow dividing lines lines on East Main Road, which almost created a head-on collision with on-coming traffic. Police activated the cruiser emergency lights and pulled Raymond over just north of Middletown Town Hall.

The officer reported that Raymond’s eyes were “barely open” and he smelled a strong odor of alcohol. They stated there was a half empty bottle of wine in the back seat.

When asked what time it was, Raymond allegedly replied “about 1 'o' clock.” The officer reported it was approximately 3:30 a.m.

After conducting field sobriety tests, officers brought Raymond into custody and administered a chemical test.  She reportedly blew a .19 and a .18 at 4:33 a.m. and 4:35 a.m.

Charles March 08, 2012 at 05:58 PM
So what time was it REALLY? 3:41 PM, or approximately 3:30 AM? Did anyone administer a field sobriety test to the police... or maybe to the author?


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