Near-Fight Outside Bar Ends in Arrest

Middletown police on Thursday reported four unrelated arrest incidents related to charges of disorderly conduct, domestic violence, and marijuana possession.

Around 1 am Thursday morning, Middletown Police parked on routine patrol outside Big Dawg's at 823 West Main Road ended up arresting a 22-year-old local man after seen arguing with another patron as they left the bar and attempting to incite a fight, according to police reports.

Brian Allen McFann, of 82 Rogers Lane, was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, after police approached the two men to calm them, according to police reports. One man reportedly cooperated, however McFann allegedly yelled obscenities at police officers and later pulled his shorts down around his ankles when police attempted to search him. McFann continued to yell obscenities at arresting officers during the drive back to the police stations and he was held until "he was calmer and somewhat sober," police reported.

Middletown police on Thursday also reported the following arrests:

  • Timothy R. Long, 25, of 60 Barclay St, Fall River, MA, was arrested Wednesday around 8pm for alleged marijuana possession, a misdemeanor first offense, after police reportedly observed him acting suspiciously while parked in his 2002 GMC Envoy near a convenience store on East Main Road. Upon approaching the vehicle, police said they allegedly found a marijuana "blunt" and small bag of pot in Long's vehicle, as well as freshly emptied cigar tobacco contents on the ground outside his car. He was charged, later released and ordered to appear at court Sept. 10, 2010.
  • Police on Wednesday night around 11 pm arrested Kimberly Rita Lima, 26, of 37 S. Shore Road, Little Compton, on charges of marijuana possession, a misdemeanor first offense, after observing her car "weave in and out of its travel lane" and then stopping the car on West Main Road near the Hess gas station. Police who approached the car allege they saw drug paraphernalia and a plastic baggie with pot in plain view inside Lima's open purse with broken zippers. Upon further search, police recovered a kit that contained a small pipe, plastic baggie with suspected marijuana, and scissors, according to police reports.
  • Middletown police on Wednesday around 9 am arrested Toni Thigpen, 46, of 969 West Main Road, Apt. 7301, at her home for allegations of domestic assault and domestic vandalism, both misdemeanors, stemming from an incident that reportedly occurred on Aug. 19, 2010 involving a 26-year-old victim. 


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