OMG PD: Erected Snow 'Sculpture' Causing Controversy

We compile the odd, unusual and ‘oh my gosh’ police items from throughout the region.


An Armless Snowman?

Following last week’s blizzard, snowmen began springing up across the state. One household in South Kingstown decided to create something a bit more unique with their excess snow and erected a 10-foot phallic sculpture. Police were called on the house not once, not twice but four times in a span of two days. For now, the snow soldier will remain. Police say that the sculpture is protected by free speech and is on private property.

Clerk Foils Armed Robbery

Two would-be robbers got more than they bargained for this week when they attempted to rob a convenience store in Cranston. Though they stormed the store with a shotgun, the clerk working that shift apparently isn’t the type to take orders from anyone – even if you have a firearm. According to reports, . The robbers only made off with a few packs of Newport cigarettes….and no cash. 

Family Jumps to Safety

It was a worst-case scenario for Portsmouth firefighters. . Due to the whiteout conditions from the blizzard, it took crews three times as long to get to the house. The road to the house was blocked by snow and a downed tree branch. Once at the house, fire crews could not get into the second floor of the building, where the family was trapped, as the home was completely engulfed in flames. With no other options, the family (a man, woman and two children) jumped from a window on to a roof hanging. Aside from one teenager who sustained a minor leg injury, all four were unharmed. Officials believe the fire may have been started by a generator outside the house.


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