OMG PD: Moving Day Mayhem, Foot in the Windshield

We compile the odd, oh-my-gosh-worthy news from around the state.

No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished

A Cranston man tried to be a good Samaritan this week after returning a purse he found at Stop & Shop on Atwood Avenue. And by “found,” he reportedly really meant “stole.” According to police, the . The victim was injured in the pursuit after being dragged by the man’s car, leaving her with broken bones, cuts, bruises and road rash. Whether it was the guilt that got the better of him or not, the man walked back into the store shortly after and tried to return the purse, saying that he had found it. (He reportedly didn’t feel too guilty, as he allegedly kept the $20 inside before returning it.) The man was captured and arrested.

It’s Always in the Last Place You Look

One pants-less fugitive is probably hoping he had thrown on some duds before police barged into his apartment. When police arrived at the home of a . According to reports, officers had to force open the door as the man was leaning against it to keep them out of his bedroom. The officer tasked with finding the man some clothes must have had a sixth sense: according to reports, the pair of pants he chose for the suspect to wear to the police department contained a bag of marijuana. The pot discovery added a misdemeanor charge of possession to the man’s list of charges that day — including resisting arrest.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward (And Through a Windshield?)

One man may have taken his parents’ advice to put his best foot forward a bit too seriously. According to Portsmouth police, a  – breaking it with his foot. The rage didn’t stop there, apparently, as the man proceeded to throw the woman’s cell phone out the window, rip off the rearview mirror and assault the woman. He is charged with domestic vandalism and domestic assault.

Moving Day Mayhem

One North Kingstown teen wouldn’t take no for an answer after her friend told her he was moving out of her apartment. According to the victim, the  as he was trying to move out and kicked him in the back as he carried an air conditioner down a flight of stairs. As he tried to leave, the woman allegedly began to beat his car with a metal folding chair. The air conditioner made a return appearance as the teen used it as a projectile and allegedly threw it at the back of the man’s car. She is charged with domestic assault, domestic disorderly conduct and domestic vandalism.

About this column: A look at the region's more peculiar police reports from the past week


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