Saunderstown Woman Died of Drowning in Newport Crash

The Department of Health has determined the cause of death as drowning.


The Rhode Island Department of Health has released the cause of death for one of the three women who died in a car found submerged in Newport last week.

According to the Providence Journal, Jennifer Way of Saunderstown was found to have died from drowning following an autopsy on Friday. Autopsies for the other two women (Femmetje Staring of Holland and Louise Owens of Wales) were done over the weekend. 

The results are expected to be released Tuesday. According to the Boston Globe, all three women were 39 years old and worked in the luxury yachting industry.

At approximately 6:28 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 5, a fuel delivery driver making a delivery to Newport Shipyard and Marina observed a vehicle flipped upside down and partially submerged in the water near the stone pier.

The Newport Police and Newport Fire Departments were called to the scene. The three women were found dead inside the submerged vehicle.

There are no indications of foul play. Police speculate that the women missd a turn while trying to drive in heavy fog.

The investigation is continuing.


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