Woman Charged With Embezzlement Held Without Bail

RI State Police have arrested a woman, who is facing multiple embezzlement charges, after she skipped her court date.


The Rhode Island State Police finally caught up to a former marina office manager who is facing numerous counts of embezzlement after she skipped her court dates.

Maureen Rondeau, 43, of Roslindale, MA was arrested on six charges on Jan. 2 – stemming from her failure to appear in court to face charges that According to the RISP, she was charged with a state police affidavit and arrest, four Superior Court bench warrants for failure to appear (three for her arraignments and another for a pre-trial hearing) and a National Crime Information Center warrant for violating a court order - originating from the four Superiour Court bench warrants.

She was charged by the Massachusetts State Police as a fugitive from justice in West Roxbury Distrit Court, where extradition proceedings were waived. She was then brought to the Wickford Barracks where she was processed and arraigned in Fourth District Court in Wakefield. 

She is being held without bail.

The above charges are now tacked on to Rondeau's original charges of embezzlement. Following a North Kingstown Police Department's two-month-long investigation in late 2011, detectives found that Rondeau had stolen $198,000 from the marina over the span of two years while she served as its office manager. According to reports, she altered more than 75 checks, changing the intended payee to her name and then cashed the checks. She also fraudulently transferred $93,000 to her personal account during the same time to pay her credit cards.

Politics Sheriff of NK April 25, 2013 at 01:37 PM
That's all interesting back story. But if PROVEN that the suspect transferred that much money, then all the bad politics wont exonerate her. If it was all a set up and the circumstances contrived, then thats a colossally stupid way to get rid of the last non-nepotism employee, when as an at-will state in RI, the GM could simply terminate her employment. Wouldnt that have been easier? As to the police who have boats there, well police have boats just like everyone else and once in a while they can afford to park them at a marina. I am sure that the cops dont go down to enjoy their boat and instead participate in a vast conspiracy, break laws, simply to help a marina manager get rid of a clerk. Lets separate kindergarten workplace politics from the facts about whether money was stolen in large amounts, or not. As to Patch, it IS interesting that Turner committed herself to build the related story, gathered facts, presumably started to write it (all one page) then dropped the ball. And those are FACTS. Samantha care to speak to this? Is this a two-way medium only when you feel like it? Those would be my thoughts on the latest update to the $200,000 soap opera..
Politics Sheriff of NK December 26, 2013 at 11:13 PM
A quick update as I just saw this again, court is scheduled for Jan 30, 2014. As to editor Samantha's written pledges to publish a story on the husband's arrest, we readers are still waiting. Hopefully with Elizabeth now working, Sam is not "the only one running patch" at this time and this story can be published. There were serious allegations made here by the subjects side of the story of official misconduct, and Samantha started gathering info on that and promised a story. Still would love to see that! - Samantha Turner (Editor) January 18, 2013 at 04:57 am Sheriff, I am once again asking for your patience. I sent an email out to the AG's office. Have yet to hear back. I plan to follow up when time allows. I am basically the only person running NK Patch at this time and hope for your continued understanding in this regard. I please ask that you remain patient and not jump to assumptions in this matter. No one has told me to stop pursuing this. It is merely a matter of getting accurate and informed information in a timely matter from the involved parties.


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