Governor Chafee Toured the Maher Center Tuesday

The following release was provided by the James L. Maher Center


The James L. Maher Center hosted a tour by Governor Lincoln Chafee Tuesday.

The visit was a chance for him and his staff to see for themselves the services that employees of the agency provide both for, and with, individuals with developmental disabilities during these very difficult economic times.

Governor Chafee had the opportunity to view first-hand how the Maher Center’s many business ventures allow program participants to earn a paycheck, become taxpayers and feel an enormous sense of personal worth.  “Everywhere that Governor Chafee explored, he expressed an appreciation for what the Maher Center is doing, expressed his support for our efforts to continue what we do, and commended us on the good work we do,” stated Executive Director, Angelo Tartaglione. Throughout the tour, he took a moment to greet and chat individually with some of the participants, some of whom recognized him immediately.  At the end of the tour, the Senator and his staff learned quite a bit of what the Maher Center does for the over 300 people they work with on a daily basis and what great services are available to the residents of Aquidneck Island.

The James L. Maher Center is a nearly sixty-year-old, Newport based not-for-profit dedicated to providing various daily services to nearly 300 individuals with developmental disabilities. Some of these individuals participate in work programs; over 100 receive residential services; almost 90 children benefit from early intervention and literally thousands of people in the East Bay area reach their destinations because of RIde transportation services provided under the terms of a contract with the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.  

Joe Sousa. July 18, 2012 at 10:21 AM
I'm sure he felt right at home.
Kevin July 19, 2012 at 12:06 AM
I thought you were a better man than that to insult the fine employees of the Maher Center. They have more character and sincerity than Chafee has in his little toe!


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