Middletown Residents Petition Town To Repair 'Unacceptable' Road

Residents of J.H. Dwyer Drive in Middletown are petitioning the town to make repairs.


Twenty five residents of J.H. Dwyer Drive are petitioning the town of Middletown to make repairs on the roadway that they say is an unacceptable condition.

Decades of cold patching on the drive have resulted in potholes and rubble littering the roadway and front lawns of the neighborhood.

J.H. Dwyer Drive is a stretch of road on Middletown's west side that 35 families call home. The road culminates in a cul-de-sac, which is one of the features that petition organizer and J.H. Dwyer Drive resident Walt Clausen has gone against the drive in terms of expediting repairs.

"I know we're not a major road in terms of a thoroughfare, but residents of our road do pay over $250,000 in taxes every year," said Clausen.

In the 25 years that Clausen has called J.H. Dwyer Drive his home, he has never seen any major repairs made to the road - all that has been done in the way of maintenance are cold patches.

J.H. Dwyer Road is reportedly scheduled for repair sometime in the next three years, according to Middletown's Capital Improvement Plan. Repairs are estimated to cost $1.5 million.

After Clausen discussed the condition of his road with Thomas R. O'Loughlin, director at Middletown's Department of Public Works, street sweepers and DPW employees were on the drive within days for a minimal cleanup.

"I think they did okay," said Clausen. "I think they are stuck with the general fund as far as budgetary and planning is concerned, his hands are tied. It is a tough situation to be able to tell people when is he going to fix it."

Roads in Middletown are in the process of being re-evaluated. Depending on the results of the surveys, Middletown's roads are rated and scheduled for repair. Most Middletown roads on the current repair schedule were evaluated in 2007.

betty jane northup-owen May 10, 2013 at 02:10 PM
Only 30 some people complaining, try Forest Avenue! For years we have been told the street was to be completely redone! It is now being used as a crossover street by semis, other large trucks and vehicles clanging up and down the street beginning at 6 AM every day. There are many children living on or abutting the street and speeding is the norm in the 25 MPH zone. A number of children walk to Forest Avenue School. Many people spend their noon hour walking Forest Avenue from the corporate parks and Town Hall. What about us? This street was a quiet country road until the stop lights were put in at end end of the road and few restrictions were placed on travel on the road. No large trucks and Slow Children AT Play signs are a suggestion as is reducing the speed to 20MPH.
Roy Bonner May 10, 2013 at 03:07 PM
ONE AND A HALF MILLION ???? There is the problem, because the Town HAS to use UNION LABOR !!Try and get a private contractor to bid on a repair and send the town the bill !! Why does everyone always look to the "government" to save them ? Get it done and tell them to take a hike ---we tolerate the government too much --- stop whinning and take the responsibility !!!
Tom May 10, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge Road Repairs Underway? Why are we fixing that road before residential areas. You know, residential areas that residents pay enormous taxes to live on. How many residents live on Sachuest Point?


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