Proposed Zoning Changes May Allow Seasonal, Special Events Signs

Ronald Wolanski, Director of Planning and Economic Development, has presented a proposed amendment that would allow temporary, off-site signs.

Middletown small businesses and special events might be allowed to use temporary or seasonal signs in the future, according to Ronald Wolanski, director of planning and economic development. In the first public hearing to the Town Council on Monday evening, he explained that although events such as those hosted by the  have used such signs to direct people to parking in the past, they technically violated zoning codes.  

The Planning Board has recommended that the council approve an amendment to the existing ordinance that would permit such signage.  

“They apply for the special events license, so this would be like an extension of that,” said Wolanksi after the meeting. An application would be submitted for approval and would require the written permission of the land owner of the proposed sign location. Signs would only be allowed on private property, said Wolanksi.  

“They could be used to direct parking for events such as this summer’s America’s Cup,” he said.  

The proposed amendment would permit two types of signs, a seasonal sign and a special event sign. The seasonal sign would be permitted for a defined period of time, such as the summer months or the winter holiday. A special events sign would advertise for a specific event or serve as an informational sign during the event, such as parking instructions.

A business would be permitted to display one seasonal sign per year, for a period of seven months or less. Up to four special event signs or banners per year would be permitted under the proposed changes, each for up to 30 consecutive days.  

Either type of sign would be limited to 16 square feet in area and not be internally illuminated.  


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