RITBA To Use 'Honor System' For 10-Cent Bridge Toll

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority tells media it will rely on an honor system to pay a 10-cent toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge.

by Sandy Mcgee

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority has decided to rely on the "honor system" to pay the 10-cent bridge toll set to begin this Monday, Aug. 19, on the Sakonnet River Bridge, reports WPRI.com.

According to WPRI.com, the RITBA does not plan on sending bill out to those who do not use an E-ZPass Transponder. 

Many residents previously stated they would remove their E-ZPass transponder from their vehicles if the toll went into effect.

Meanwhile, a protest of bridge tolls is also planned for this Sunday, Aug. 18, starting between 5 and 6 p.m. on the Sakonnet River Bridge bike path. 

At the end of the last legislative session, lawmakers made an eleventh hour vote to impose a 10-cent toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge. Tolls are only collected currently on the Newport "Pell" Bridge. 

While the 10-cent toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge, which spans Portsmouth and Tiverton, is slated to begin on Aug. 19, the RITBA previously stated the state will lose millions as a result of the decision to delay the original toll rate. 

What do you think about the RITBA employing the "honor system" to pay the Sakonnet River Bridge toll? Will residents be honorable and pay the toll? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Chris Christensen August 16, 2013 at 05:47 PM
Honor system hey! The membership of the RI TBA has proven with that decision that there are people born yesterday.
Jim L August 17, 2013 at 11:11 AM
i will honestly send in 1 dollor after crossing and getting a bill, once a year
William F Horan August 20, 2013 at 11:47 AM
Today conversation is about tolls - Tricks won’t beat Sakonnet River Bridge toll ! Perhaps someone thinks or would like citizens to believe that "the nefarious public works projects manipulations", in this case a bridge, are OBE (over come by events)!? Yes, its time to move on with the never ending shaping of public opinion. Yes, on to another secondary agenda of no consequence.. The so called Toll discussion remains a secondary issue, but far from over. The subject will ultimately be correctly returned to the topical title & issues ie "Nefarious Public Works Projects manipulations" at by and for convenience of the RI Governor & General Assembly. Again the so called temporary toll and how to collect it is an intended distraction played out at the closing hours of the last shameful general assembly session. Yes this is one of the many consequences of allowing an inside game of politics in a one party city state. The root issues and a choice to reform can and must be decided at the vote for Governor & General Assembly members. As well a companion NO vote on any and all state Bonds including future public works projects Bonds, disrupting the revenue streams that support such destructive behaviors.. The bet by pols is that we were very successfully distracted & have a very short attention span. Further that our awareness & opinions can continue to be externally stimulated / programmed in a variety of ways. Perhaps the citizens’ abilities to engage in adult critical thinking & resolve have been underestimated! Only time will tell. Underhanded Tricks by the RI Governor & General assembly is what created the nefarious public works project manipulations, this time linked to a back room deal for the still smelling shameful 38 studio all around failures.. We can never recover from this destructive cycle that has destroyed our economic viability that destroys ability for citizens to prosper. That is unless a measure of transparency, honesty and common sense is reintroduced into our today one party city state government aka Rhode Island. Now today a discussion of toll mechanics planted in media - perhaps a self serving distraction from the root issues? Yes, bait and switch delaying the bridge completion until the conversion to nefarious revenue stream of plunder? Again ultimately only the citizens at the next vote can and will decide. The common denominator is that the referenced road & bridge earmarked tax collection funds are commingled and re badged to support "the portrayed Utopia of socialist largeness" better known as wealth seizure and redistribution that is engaged in by our Governor and General Assembly majority. Ultimately nefarious public works projects manipulation remains a key component of the very necessary ever increasing so called revenue streams enhancement that supports this one party city state incompetence, malfeasance and perhaps even corruption aka Rhode Island. The East Bay & especially Newport county has been plundered for all too long by the suits & shiny shoes residing at the RI General Assembly. The bait and switch of nefarious public works projects & taxpayer monies is not a new crime against the citizens. However, the present Governor & crop of RI General Assembly majority have refined it to an art form of deception. The solution yesterday, today and tomorrow is to think about it and discuses it with your family friends and neighbors. Then get out and vote your independently derived conclusion. Yes, turn off especially the nefarious public works projects revenue streams (Bonds) as a starting point for reform.
William Crane August 26, 2013 at 08:18 AM
The State of Rhode Island is going to have to fix several bridges all over the state. The legislature has deferred maintenance so many times that they had to form the Bridge & Highway Authority to ensure that the general revenue fund would not be appropriated for road projects and decreasing the amount of money they would like to spend on other projects which we the general populace have little oversight of. The Authority has the power to take the money they collect from tolls, registration fees, tax revenue from gas, & apply it directly to road projects like the bridges. Collecting tolls with toll booths creates traffic congestion. The only fair way to collect tolls is to make our license plates into transponders and everyone who drives will be billed for the mileage they drive & bridges they pass over. The populace will have safe roads and the legislature will have the solution to the problem of being grown-up about funding road up-keep by keeping them out of the loop as they have proven to be irresponsible when it comes to being able to keep spending within their budget.
Jim L August 26, 2013 at 08:40 AM
The RITBA only has power that the govenor or the Ga give them I believe, tolls were placed on the Newport Bridge from the start and RITBA was formed to deal with the bonds and such, It was also meant to dissolve in 1999 and the bridge having then been paid for to be given to the RIDOT to take care off, With the ri gas tax money, this never happen, in the meantime even tho the gas tax was collected the money was NEVER spent to maintain ANY bridges in RI, and now the Ga and Mrs Weed want only Newport county to pay to maintain the 4 major bridges in our state WHILE still using the money they collect in gas taxes , etc, to be used in other parts of the state to fix their roads and to fill the GA coffers so they can use our own tax dollars to be passed back to us in grant form, making many folks think the Ga is just great and should always be reelected


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