Legislators Propose Quonset Casino [Poll]

Rep. John Carnevale and Rep. Joseph Trillo are proposing a casino at Quonset Point.

Quonset Point hosts one of the largest defense contractors in the country and the second largest auto importer, but it may become home to a new casino.

The Associated Press is reporting that Rep. John Carnevale (D-Providence) and Rep. Joseph Trillo (R-Warwick) are drafting a proposal to build a casino at the former naval base in North Kingstown, looking to boost the state's economy and create a tourist attraction. According to Carnevale, Quonset's nearby highways, an airport and a deep-water port able to accommodate cruise ships make it a favorable location.

Carnevale and Trillo are now finalizing the details of their plan. The proposal comes amidst the casino debate in Massachusetts, after the state authorized up to three casinos and a slot parlor. Rhode Island leaders are now looking at various gambling proposals.

Jack Baillargeron January 07, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Casino? Nope a political bondoggle that will benefit the powers that be and th average taxpayer will suffer enormously. Nothing will save this state other than true business with reqal jobs and manufacturing, this quick buck mentality of gambeling and tourism has done nothing but put this state in the toilet. You want to put this state on the map of advancement into the future? Try industries that that actually produce a product not depend on taking away prosparity but build on it and show an actual worth to what the compant produces. Casino' produce nothing, they are entertainment and low paying jobs, no different than tourism, that has put this staste in to the gutter efver since the closing of the defence industry in the 70's when the atlantic fleet was removed from newport. How soon we forget what really put this state in the state it is in now. Politicians still think tourism will save jobs after they screwwed every industry in the state from Jewery to Fishing. Shame on them!!!!
nptresident January 07, 2012 at 02:33 PM
I don't get the opposition to casinos. If people want to blow their money doing that, it's their business. Stay out of their business - remember SMALL government? Oh, nevermind - it's always the "MORAL" ones who want to stick their noses in people's lives. We have gambling in this state called the LOTTERY.
John Tattrie January 07, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I'll take manufacturing and trade over a Casino any day....gambling is nothing but a waste!
bustopher1 January 08, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Has anyone paid atttention to the fact that the two Ct. casinos are laying off thousands of workers and having trouble filling their facilities? The pool of money that feeds the gambling industry is getting shallower every day. Also - Anyone in a position of power to make this decision should talk to the folks in the Ct. communities that host the casinos. The social problems - poverty, homelessness, hunger. spousal and child abuse etc. created in these towns sinc the casinos opened are terrible! I agree with hose who have said real jobs, real products and NO casinos!!
DownTown January 08, 2012 at 02:20 PM
3 All the way! is right the deepwater container port was blocked by area residents who bought Carcieri and kept him against it also.
DownTown January 08, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Casino gambling is a panacea to our brain dead state representatives. The Massachusetts casino's will capture most of Massachusetts gamblers. Twin Rivers and the Newport Grand will just shut down. There are no nut jobs out there who will pour money into a new RI casino anyway so who is going to fund it? I can see the RI campaign to get a casino to expand here - 'Rhode Island, where we only take 60 cents out of every dollar you make!"
Jack Baillargeron January 08, 2012 at 04:11 PM
From www.RILOT.com 1. The Rhode Island Lottery was established in 1973 through a Constitutional Convention. Tickets for the first game, The Lot, went on sale May 21, 1974. The first drawing was held at the State House on May 30. Since then, over $1.8 billion has been generated for Rhode Island and shared by all 39 cities and towns throughout the state, and over $5.8 billion has been awarded in prize payouts. Does not seem like the money has been used wisely now does it? 2. In general, revenues from all Rhode Island Lottery games are divided as follows: 67.9% prize awards; 18.3 % General Fund; 13.2 % commissions; 0.6% lottery operations and other costs. Of the money that is placed into the state’s General Fund, it is distributed among the state’s 39 communities for programs in Human Services, Education, General Government, Public Safety and Natural Resources. Additionally, certain funds are allocated to the Distressed Communities Relief Fund. Wow, how fortuitous for all the towns? 3. Each year the Rhode Island Legislature appropriates money from the State’s General Fund among the state’s 39 cities and towns. The revenues from Lottery offer tax relief to residents while making it possible to implement and enhance programs in education, public safety, law enforcement, and human services for elderly and others in need. Anyone here see their taxes go down because of the Lottery. Can we trust the State to over see a Casino? Not on your life!!!!
Jack Baillargeron January 08, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Lets see now, 1.8 billon over 38 years Equals 47,368,421 per year for average purposes. That also equals 1,214,574 per 39 town and cities. Now we all know this was distributed evenly, right? Remember them touting how it would create tax relief for home owners by funding education in the State, making the State more competitive for top paying educated job pool. Main problem with this State is the foolish notion that tourism is the fix all. Nothing more than a scam filling pockets of a few, providing low wage seasonal jobs. The tax breaks will be enormous to bring these Casino’s here. This State is so corrupt and fiscally ignorant it amazes me how we leave the same people in power. Look at the recent loan to the shilling for a company that will not be employing many people, considering we gave his company almost 90 percent of the money to attract business, for yet again very few jobs.
Jack Baillargeron January 08, 2012 at 04:37 PM
This State is in dire trouble for jobs, and is losing population, which mean more taxes for all of us. Anyone read this recent story is tells the tale of the end of this State. By Associated Press Thursday, January 5, 2012 PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Migration trends tracked by the nation’s largest moving company show Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine are among Northeastern states with the highest number of people heading out. The study by St. Louis-based United Van Lines also says Washington, D.C., continues to be the nation’s most popular destination, and that moving households also prefer western United States. The study shows just over 56 percent of interstate moves leaving Rhode Island and New Hampshire in 2011. Fewer than 56 percent of outbound movers were from Connecticut and Maine. Illinois led the nation in outbound moves, at nearly 61 percent. United Van Lines has been tracking moves since 1977. Its latest study is based on the more than 146,000 interstate household moves the company handled in 48 states and Washington, DC.
John Tattrie January 08, 2012 at 05:10 PM
Rep's Carnevale & Trillo are pretty well know guys whom both are pretty well off financially. I would be more impressed if the came forward with a large company or serveral industries that maybe had an interest in moving to Quonset. The place without question is already set up for industry, it has an extensive rail line, new roads an airport and a shipping Port. Why would anyone even consider placing a casino in the middle of that area is beyond me. Each year I notice that land & buildings that have always been slated for commercial use, fall victim to an improper use. Nothing is better for an economy than bustling commercial jobs, research, manufacturing, trade, shipping etc. I dont think its that hard to understand, but yet this damn casino thing keeps raising it's ugly head every couple of years. Lets get with the program guys!
DownTown January 08, 2012 at 09:46 PM
The 'shipping port' is not for the largest ships. To have a container port there was a $3.2 billion estimate for dredging the bay to make it deep enough for those ships. That may have been possible some time ago but not now. I wouldn't worry about a casino there or anywhere else in RI until they mention an investor, it's a pipe dream on their part. Harrah's was turned down,Twin Rivers went bankrupt and soon this state will be surrounded by casinos. That adds up to a big stop sign for investors. RI has some of the highest electric rates in the country and they aren't getting any cheaper with DeepWater sucking the life out of this area either. BTW what happened to the 800+ jobs that DeepLiar promised last year? Guess they went to New Bedford and Fall River. Regardless the electric rates are another stop sign for investment. That entire Quonset area is subsidized by the EDC. Your tax dollars headed to the West Bay. I also love the way they say there is good highway access there. You have to get off 95N to 2 to get to 4 and you have to get off 4 onto what is it there French town road then 2 to get to 95S. As long as it's okay with the NIMBYs who are getting subsidized a business can go there. Propose a nice Wheelabrator trash burning facility there as someone else here had said and whatever the 2nd option is will be approved
Born and Raised in the Tiv January 09, 2012 at 12:51 AM
Just to clarify, the Davisville piers currently can accomodate ships with drafts as deep as 29' to dock there and they will be dredging the basin surrounding the piers down to 32' starting next October. QDC will be paying for this. Any upkeep to the piers and surrounding basin is not subsidized by the state or with federal money which allows for lesser dockage rates which is highly desirable to the charges for vessels currently calling Davisville to discharge automobiles. As far as highway access, route 403 has been built and provides a direct route from 95 to Davisville Road. No longer do tractor trailers have to drive through the local neighborhoods to get there. Currently, both Davisville piers are being revamped to allow for cranes that will allow for container ships and barges to offload there directly onto trucks and railcars.
DownTown January 09, 2012 at 03:42 AM
403 provides direct access to Rt-4. On 4 North you can continue directly to 95N only you cannot get on 95S directly. Instead you take an exit to Division Street and then Rt-2 before getting on 95S. If you call direct access being north only being all that matters I guess that it has it. Trucks can't get to Quonset from 95 North without making the same maneuvers in reverse. Look at a map. The large load container ships that would use it have a 48 foot draft and require a minimum depth of 53 feet. These were the specs put out by Maersk/SeaLand when Quonset answered their rfp in 1998. They also spec'd out 16 large load cranes and 6,000 feet of dock space. In a 2002 state study the container port itself would have cost $212 million. Then there would be the cost of construction for the southern section of 95 (relative to RT-4) to connect directly to RT-4. I don't have figures on that separately but feel free to look at a map, it would be a good chunk of change all by itself. Then there is the dredging. The material itself would have gone into making Quonset bigger by hundreds of acres. The Navy kept the depth at 45 feet decades ago. http://www.cargonewsasia.com/secured/article.aspx?id=15&article=18175 The project would have required extensive dredging and the filling of hundreds of acres in Narragansett Bay. Its price tag was estimated at US$3 billion 14 years ago.(this was 2 -3 years ago making it 16-17 years from the time of that estimate).
Born and Raised in the Tiv January 09, 2012 at 04:25 AM
I work in the shipping industry and am in Davisville at least 2-3 days per week, so there is no need to check a map, I drive that route literally in my sleep in the mornings and afternoons. I agree that the I-95 S access isn't as straightforward as it is in getting to I-95 N, but it isn't like they have to drive through the downtown of a city in order to make it to I-95 S, it's only a short detour. However, the rail system will be a highly utilized commodity in regards to the inland transport of the containers once offloaded in Davisville directly from a barge or ship to a rail car or tractor trailer. There are tractor trailers leaving Davisville around the clock loaded up with the Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches, Bentleys and Subarus that are offloaded in Davisville from Ro-Ro vessels to the tune of 2000 - 4000 units weekly. They deliver autos to the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states and somehow this is all done routinely even with the troubles in accessing I-95 S. I agree that the vessels carrying the deeper drafts will not be able to dock in Davisville, even after the upcoming dredging is completed next winter. However, not all container vessels require such deep drafts and therefore could call Davisville, also possibly after discharging containers at another US port and coming here with lighter drafts.
Born and Raised in the Tiv January 09, 2012 at 04:25 AM
Another aspect of this is that smaller feeder barges would offload at the piers after being loaded from a larger container ship which would be anchored at the Jamestown Anchorage. The same would also be true for containers destined for Providence, which is also setting themselves up for the same type of operations. Since there isn't a current fee in place for vessels and tugs and barges anchoring off of Jamestown, this could be an opportunity to create such a fee for any type of vessel coming into the anchorage. Although this wouldn't be a huge money maker, it would be some extra money coming to the state for really doing nothing at all. I do not see any negatives coming from Rhode Islanders embracing this added business coming into the state in both Davisville and Providence in the near future.
DownTown January 09, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Plenty of State and Federal money goes into Quonset. The Quonset Development Corporation is a subsidiary of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation - you know the people that give away our tax money and set up businesses here so they don't have to pay any taxes. The state spent a lot of money making Quonset decades ago. Let's see how many grants and tax give aways a little search can pick up on. In 2010 Electric Boat received yet another in a long long history of tax incentives. The port itself is exempt from the Federal Harbor Maintenance Tax. There was that $23 million dollar stimulus grant for improvements early last year. $225,000 grant to build a training facility there. $440,000 for road improvements from the US EDA. All the upgrades to the roads Rt-4, the exits and 403 itself were paid by who? Quonset? Nope guess again.
DownTown January 09, 2012 at 04:45 AM
You said access between Quonset and 95 was 'direct' and you said it to 'clarify' my earlier post. How many man hours does a trucking company lose per month or per year because of getting off and back on the highway there? How many accidents just on that section of road? A trucker doesn't look at things such as that but the company does. If you drive that all the time you know its a pain in the ass to do so. Using this as a feeder port makes sense. No huge dredging costs. This will increase the truck traffic probably also right? That's why North Kingstown doesn't want a full size container port - truck traffic. Nimbys.
John Tattrie January 09, 2012 at 12:38 PM
More Rail Traffic...less trucks. Between the Sea-view RR and the P&W RR they do a pretty good job of moving the freight on-time at Quonset, would be nice to keep them busy by using the Port for what its ment for. Shipping..Not Gambling!
Born and Raised in the Tiv January 09, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Actually, I was clarifying the pier situation in Davisville and just mentioning the highway access. Pardon the symantics....
Born and Raised in the Tiv January 09, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Ok, so you're talking about all of this money that has been spent to refurbish and develop Quonset. How about we now utilize it to it's fullest capabilities rather than have everyone shoot down ideas for expansion in the state yet still complain about high taxes and no jobs???
Karen TaylorHowell January 09, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I've always been in support of a casino in RI. But it has to be one that can compete with Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun and any grand plans they have in Mass. A place with world-class gaming, evertainment and, yes - a convention center. But I'd only support a casino if there's an ironclad plan of where and how revenues will be distributed. No point having a casino if revenues will be squandered or are earmarked for something the people of RI don't support.
02809 January 09, 2012 at 05:15 PM
The casino issue rears its ugly head once again. The RI Legislature is once attempting to orchestrate an 11th hour deal in order to get this built before Massachusetts. If the RI Legislature was honest and forthcoming when Harrah's came to town, we most likely would have had one. The Twin River establishment is on it's way to become a full fledged casino now that the dog races are out of there. What the RI Legislature isn't telling us; and why we should all be suspicious of any casino deal proposed by any person in the State house are the facts. 1 Who is going to run said casino? 2 What is the percentage paid to the State? 3 How much of that percentage is going to be earmarked for that giant black-hole called the "General Fund"? 4 Where is the money earned going to go? Tax relief, roads, schools, infrastructure? Until we as RI'ers get the full picture with all of the facts laid out, I say NO, dont trust the people making this deal, for they'll only be looking out for themselves, instead of the citizens.
02809 January 09, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Somebody once said to me "If you take all of your losing RI lottery tickets intl a quiet room, you can hear the Governor laughing at you" The RI lottery is a colossal joke, winning tickets are sold every day..... every losing ticket is a winner for the State. If I choose to purchase a scratch ticket, I do it in Massachusetts where the odds are better in the gambler's favor.
Tony Avila January 09, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Casino at Q Point makes lots of sense...RI keeps missing the boat, the plan is great, but like someone else said the Narragansetts need to be part of it...the State has given them the short end of the stick too many times. Like it or hate gambling is here to stay and surrounding the State so why not get a bigger piece of the action....people need to wake up!
John Tattrie January 10, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Tony, I at times agree with you on a great many topics, but "Dropping" this Casino in the one and only Heavy Industrial and Commercial place left in RI is just not a good decision. If everyone feels strongly about building one, please lets put it someplace else! Lets leave Quonset for Industry, Manufacturing, Trade, Shipping Etc. We as a State continually ruin real estate slated for commercial use. RI is never going to survive if people don't start looking for "Blue Collar" work to return here in some fashion. Casino's are a Game of Chance...no matter how you look at it. Lets Build it next to the State House, those guys take chances with our money all the time, and they haven't won yet!
Brianna Slots April 02, 2012 at 06:05 AM
I think seeing how online slots are gaining popularity and that even Massachusetes has their own slots parlour, the politicians are feeling the urge to have a casino for their own. Perhaps relying on the defence contractor there to provide most of the jobs in the area is not what they want. Brandon - http://www.doubledowncasino.com
Sharkin April 02, 2012 at 07:48 AM
a live casino would be sick. so many yummy poker fish, nom nom nom gimme all your money
Brianna Slots April 12, 2012 at 08:30 AM
If the casino is built into the existing naval base infrastructure, that itself could be a draw. It might become a themed casino with matching resorts. Whether its the slots machine or poker tables, maybe they could use a naval ship theme to draw in the crowd. Brandon - http://www.doubledowncasino.com
Jack Baillargeron April 12, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Lets see how the pessimist must look at this ;-}. 1. There will be lawsuits by the Narragansett’s over a Casino, probably a Federal Discrimination suit and with civil rights and a few others things I am sure. 2. There will be lawsuits by numerous environmentalist groups no doubt. 3. There will be lawsuits by anti-gambling groups of course. 4. Cruise ship traffic will also become a problem with the Save the bay folks, so law suit there. 5. Many other special interest lawsuits no doubt. 6. Newport considering the run down hi lai to be a full casino. 7. Then the Twin Rivers to be a full casino. 8. Then MA casino’s. 9. Anyone really think your going to make money off this. (Think Lottery lowering taxes and funding Education to relive property owners) Anyone ever see that? 10. Perhaps The monetary CT problems over the years and especially now, with the Casio in fiscal distress, because of bad management and the economic downturn that will not be over anytime soon in RI.(last estimate I heard was 2027). 11. Tax breaks to the tune of 100’s of millions of dollars, that will never be paid back, at the least take 100 years to break even, that of course means the taxpayers take up the slack until the state gets in the black, in a 100 years. 12. Increase in jobs for Gambling addiction councilors, (guess that’s a plus for them) not so much for the ones that are broke. 13. Probably many here can think of pages more lol.
Brianna Slots May 03, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Where can I get updates to the situation with the proposed Quonset casino? I need to know if they will be going ahead with the building of the new casino, and whether I should be making vacation plans in the years ahead to visit there. It might be interesting to see what they can do to revive businesses over there. - http://www.doubledowncasino.com


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