Letter to the Editor: Bridge Tolls "Unacceptable"

Just a letter that doesn't sound quite as shrill. I'm having fun, not taking myself too seriously, revealing just a little, and not getting played like some are. This is a good time.

Dear Editors,

As the snow falls outside and real life strolls on, it is easy to forget that some of us are fighting the Sakonnet Bridge Toll through a variety of methods.  These efforts became intensified when we found out our hope were to rest on a Bill filed by Representative Edwards.

Unfortunately for the Representative, no one up in the General Assembly has forgotten how he conducted himself in his rookie year.  Kissing up to Congressman Cicilline last year did not change that.

So for the rest of us who understand this reality, that means fighting as our mentors taught us how to.  For me, that means coming to upstate New York and Vermont to ply my timeshare buy, sell, rent, and trade skills.  Yes, I could have stayed back in Newport barely getting by just paying bills, but what glory can be had from that?  Hoping that someone else will “take care of things” will not result in success.  Alternating between the Adirondacks and Vermont just might.

If you want to do interesting things, you must rise above your comfort zone and take chances.  For me, the only way I can get the money to file a lawsuit to fend off the tolls is by doing this.  I even took the time to put up a website, FreeSakonnetBridge.org, and just listed a project on Rockethub.  Turns out I am having a great time and the financial part may actually be working.

The proposed Bridge Toll has become a very personal issue for me.  On the day of the  fiscal melt down in 2008, I watched my retirement savings disappear.  Over the next three years, I would lose everything else to the financial crisis three times.  Finally, after building a timeshare stable from literally nothing, I own over 100 weeks now, the Governor has decided via a Bridge Toll to possibly take all that hard work away again.  Excuse me if I find this to be an unacceptable circumstance.

Tourists are tired of being nickled and dimed. For many, this will keep them away.  It is the ultimate nose/face scenario.  The effect of the tolls will be to reduce more in sales tax revenue then they will collect in toll revenue.

Therefore, I took an extended business trip.  For others, because there will be a fight in the General assembly even if I am successful, it means extra shifts and time spent away from loved ones.  This economy was tough enough before the Governor decided to add this fight as well.  Thankfully, I am not the only one fighting.

Just because the weather has made the fight quiet, do not think the fight does not carry on.




Robert T. Oliveira

Temporarily in Clark Mills, NY


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Nicole March 23, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Yet, people on the Vineyard tend to work ON THE VINEYARD. Also, when they chose to live there, they were well aware of the cost of ferrying back and forth to the mainland...it was never sprung on them as this toll would be the people of Aquindneck Island and surrounding areas. Not a good example there, nmb.
Nicole March 25, 2013 at 10:44 PM
The Shill March 25, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Bobby it should read the drop out city and you did not do that. The person who did that was Dr. Irving Fradkin. You must have a terrable selfesteam problem having to lie to make yourself feel so important. If you were involved with the politicians you should hang your head in shame. They ran the City of Fall River into the ground and to this day it still has not recovered.
Robert Oliveira March 26, 2013 at 12:54 PM
Shill, Dr. Fradkin asked me to chair that because he was uncomfortable with the political process. Do I really have to post Fall River City Council meeting minutes now??
Naome Lixes March 26, 2013 at 06:37 PM
"He's well known for his Delusions of Granger" - Jethro If you meant Grainger, the source to get a shinier tool box, that's one thing. If you meant grandeur, that's a word used when fools want to illustrate their prowess. Tool or Fool, it's a wonder you ever got on the Tiverton ballot. I couldn't write a village idiot character better, from scratch.


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