Middletown High School Inducts Honor Societies at Seaside Banquet

Middletown High School's National, Rhode Island and Foreign Language Honor Societies were inducted Wednesday night at a special dinner in the Atlantic Beach Club banquet room overlooking Easton's Beach.

On Wednesday, June 8, the upper level banquet hall set the scene for a beachside dinner and induction ceremony for the National, Rhode Island and Foreign Language Honor Societies for 2011. Other special academic awards were also announced, including special book awards.

Parents, faculty, siblings and school department staff joined the special occasion, with hundreds filling the banquet hall to honor the more than 80 inductees and award winners.

The evening program began with a prelude spoken by National Honor Society President and welcoming remarks from Principal Steven Ruscito.

As four symbolic candles were lit, fellow National Honor Society Executive Board Officers Mersina Simanski (At-Large), Clayton Hawes (Treasurer), Emily Hebel (At-Large) and Kaitlyn Eggeman (Vice-President) spoke about scholarship, leadership, character and service.

National Honor Society Secretary Katherine Rutledge next led the National Honor Society Pledge.

Membership cards, pins and certificates were presented by Principal Ruscito, Associate Principal Gail Ambromitis, and Dean of Students and Honor Society Advisor Colleen Larson.

For the Foreign Language Honor Societies, presenters included high school teachers Dana Ramey, Daniel Kerloch, and Luis Oliveira.

Counselors form the Guidance Department presented academic book awards  and Ambromitis gave the special address of the evening.

Honor Society Members

The following students are the 2011 Middletown High School inductees into the National Honor Society:

  • William C. Anthony II
  • Abby Armstrong
  • Haileigh Baier
  • Andrew Barrett
  • Katie Benson
  • Kristin Bertsch
  • Camille Bobiak
  • Sarah Borges
  • Cameron Condry
  • Tyler Conlan
  • Nicholas Gomes
  • Theresa Kennedy
  • Katrina Krueger
  • Alanna Lawrence
  • Theodore Martin
  • James Maurer
  • Fiona MacKechnie
  • Robert Mey
  • Alexander Moy
  • Matthew Murphy
  • Brenno Ribeiro
  • Baley Rochefort
  • Michael Stewart
  • Jessica Sullivan
  • Erin Traeger
  • Nina Traglia
  • James Violet
  • Emily Weber
  • Francis Wiley

The following are Rhode Island members of the 2011 Senior National Honor Society:

  • *Julen Barruetabena
  • Kelsey Bell
  • Emily Buck
  • *Lauren Call
  • *Elizabeth Callas
  • Julia Chille
  • Courtney Coen
  • *Jaclyn Correia
  • Emily Daughan
  • *Henry Drayton
  • Kaitlyn Ehheman
  • Grace Eng
  • Shane Fagan
  • Taylor Gilman
  • Clayton Hawes
  • Emily Hebel
  • *Patria Hernandez
  • Amy Homan
  • *Ian Larcom
  • *Jamie Long
  • Theodore Martin
  • Fiona MacKechnie
  • Charlotte Molenda
  • Shaylah Morse
  • Martha Navarro
  • Taylor O’Malley
  • Lauren Paiva
  • *Armand Rugel
  • Katherine Rutledge
  • *Joseph Sanfilippo
  • Joshua Saunders
  • Mersina Simanski
  • Lauren Simard
  • *Brenda Simmons
  • *Katie Skelly
  • Emily Tessier
  • *Jacqueline Tollefson
  • Tierra Tucker
  • Karena Wang

Selection for membership to the Rhode Island Honor Society is earned with a minimum 3.3 Grade Point Average. An asterisk indicates membership to Rhode Island Honor Society only.

Congratulations to the inductees and Honor Society members!


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