Middletown High School Ranked in Top 5 High Schools in Rhode Island

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Patch File Photo

A new report ranks Middletown High School in the top high schools in Rhode Island.

The 2014 U.S. News & World Report High School Rankings ranked Middletown High School fifth out of the 52 Rhode Island high schools. The High School also earned a prestigious ranking of 1,504 out of 31,242 public high schools in the nation.

To be eligible for a state ranking, a school must be awarded a national gold or silver medal. Middletown earned a silver medal. Receipt of that medal is based on the U.S. News & World Report rankings on student-to-teacher ratios, students' college readiness, and average proficiencies in math and reading.

Middletown High School scored number one in the State in writing performance on the October 2013 NECAP test; fourth in the State in Math proficiency, and 67% of our students at Middletown High School met grade span expectations with distinction in reading.

“I am so very proud of the students, parents, teachers, and administrators of Middletown High School for achieving a reputation as being one of the best high schools in the country; it is the Town’s crown jewel.” said Superintendent Rosemarie Kraeger in a statement released Tuesday. She added congratulations to our outstanding Middletown staff...It all starts in Kindergarten and builds!

Middletown High School is a four-year comprehensive facility, accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges and the State of Rhode Island. Middletown’s mission is to be an educational community committed to providing the academic, civic, and social tools essential for the future success of our students.

Shay Banks May 14, 2014 at 01:18 PM
I find it fascinating that this story has ZERO comments......none congratulating the students, teachers, administration or district in achieving such awesome recognition for the hard work that has been put in to get to this level of excellence. I am positive that if it were a poor ranking or something negative were written that there would be an abundance of people jumping on the band wagon to verbally accost the administration for Middletown Public Schools for all the things that they do "wrong". Clearly they cannot find anything to say when they have to be positive. Sad but true..... Allow me to be the first to thank and applaud the Middletown Public Schools staff from the top down for taking pride in educating the students of this community with dwindling funds and lack of support, you have come through once again with flying colors!!! WELL DONE
Carmela Geer May 14, 2014 at 05:25 PM
Shay, the reason you haven't heard any responses is because our little Middletown Patch is woefully late in reporting this story. We have been celebrating this wonderful accomplishment for well over a month. Patch stopped being a "local" news source some time ago. Don't expect anything to be posted in a timely fashion unless its a scandal. Many of us have given up. That being said, we are incredibly proud of our teachers, students, staff and families. This is a well deserved honor and we walk with our heads held high. But then, we always did. Middletown is a fantastic community to live in. Perfect to bring up your family and work in. We appreciate your applause and join with you. Now I wish the Patch would get their collective tail in gear and do the right thing by this community or just get out.
George Costanza May 14, 2014 at 11:55 PM
This is pretty amazing, I think Middletown is the first nationally ranked school by US News and World reports on Aquidneck Island and the surrounding area. Kind of makes me want to move from Newport to Middletown and buy a house there.


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