Middletown Schools Perform Higher than State Averages on NECAP; MHS Ranks First in Writing

School committee presented NECAP scores on Thursday night. On average, Middletown schools ranked higher than state average and MHS ranked number one in writing category.

The Middletown School Committee reported on the 2010-2011 New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) results during their regular meeting on Thursday night.

Middletown schools ranked higher than state averages for all categories and grades, with the exception of fifth grade writing.  By the time Middletown students get to High School, it appears they catch up to other districts, since MHS ranked first in the state for that same category.

The results reflect the teaching year for the student, not the current testing year.  For example, a fifth grade student was tested on the fourth grade material, and the results fell into the bucket for the school the student attended the previous year,  not the current year.

 Below are the percentages by school and grade:

Elementary Schools

 % Proficient (Aquidneck) % Proficient (Forest Avenue) % Proficient (State Avg.) Grade 3 Reading
78% 87% 73%

Grade 4 Reading 74% 78% 71%
Grade 3 Math 70% 75% 60%

Grade 4 Math 69% 68% 65%

 JH Gaudet Academy

Category % Proficient % Proficient (State Avg.) Grade 5 Reading 66% 69% Grade 5 Math 69% 62% Grade 5 Writing 39% 60%


Category % Proficent  % Proficient (State Avg.) Grade 6 Reading 76% 73% Grade 7 Reading 75% 72% Grade 8 Reading 78% 78% Grade 6 Math 75% 62% Grade 7 Math 77% 56% Grade 8 Math
77% 58% Grade 8 Writing 62% 59%

Middletown High School

Category % Proficient % Proficient (State Avg.) Grade 11 Reading 88% 76% Grade 11 Math 53% 30% Grade 11 Writing 83% (ranked #1 in the State!) 51%

Ryan P. McCormack, MS February 19, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Awesome job students at MHS keep working hard! Lets get Aquidneck Island and all three communities to be the best in RHODY! We have great athletes, families and kids on this Island in Newport, Middletown & Portsmouth!


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