Portsmouth Outshoots Island Teams in Annual 3-Point Shootout

The Fourth Annual Three-Point Shootout competition was held on Saturday night at Salve Regina University, with several schools from Aquidneck Island and Tiverton taking part.

The bleachers filled. The music played. The shooters practiced. It was time for The Fourth Annual 3-Point Shootout basketball competition to begin, sponsored by the Newport Daily News.

Middletown High School, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Rogers, St. George's and Portsmouth Abbey all took part in the event Saturday night, held at the Rodgers Recreation Center at Salve Regina University.  


For the 3-point shootout, each player was allowed five shots from five spots on the court. They had 2 minutes to attempt all of their shots. The first 4 shots counted as one point if made.  The last shot from each location or the "Money Ball" was worth 2 points.  The top four from the first round for both girls and boys advanced to the semifinal round. The top two from the semifinal from each advance to the final round. The winner is then determined based on the score from that final round.

For the Shooting Stars or skills competition, each school was represented by two pairs of players. One boy and one girl on each. The goal was to complete five shots from selected locations on the floor using only one ball this time. One player would shoot, the other would rebound for their partner. The elimination rules were the same as the 3-point shootout with time being the deciding factor in this game, still with a semifinal, and a final round, determining the winning team.


Afterpaired up, the teams took the court for the first round of the skills portion. Despite a rapid fire time of 57 seconds in the second round from Middletown's Lauren Paiva and Jack McCabe, it was Tiverton's combo of Sam Welchman and Alex Rosa who ultimately won.  


Unquestionably the most anticipated event of the night was up. There were several shining first round performances, and after the first round ended the top four advanced to the semifinal. They were:


4.  Marc Washington (Rogers)

3.  Pat Lynch (Portsmouth)

2.  Cody Platt (Rogers)

1.  Jalen O'Loughlin (Middletown)


4.  Kirsten Perry (Middletown)

3.  Olivia Chaves (Rogers)

2.  Sam Welchman (Tiverton)

1.  Lindsey Haslam (Portsmouth)

The shootout portion of the night lived up to its name and saw Cody Platt from Rogers and Pat Lynch from Portsmouth advance to the final on the boys end, and Sam Welchman from Tiverton, and Lindsey Haslam from Portsmouth would meet in the girls final.

In the end, it was Pat Lynch from Portsmouth who had the hot hand and won for the boys. On the girls side, Lindsey Haslam from Portsmouth was triumphant.

The winners for both events then took the court and were handed their plaques from the Newport Daily News. It was a night in which the shooters for Aquidneck Island shined bright, representing their schools by sinking baskets all night.  


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