Aquidneck Land Trust Approached By Groupon for Grant Funding

The organization has a campaign through Groupon Grassroots to raise money for an $800 grant for a local community.

There are five days left to purchase a Groupon that can help the Aquidneck Land Trust provide a grant to a deserving community group.

Typically, if a certain number of users purchase the day’s Groupon, a business will offer a service or product for a greatly reduced price.

The Aquidneck Land Trust, however, wishes to sell nothing. Instead, if 80 people buy its $10 Groupon, the Aquidneck Land Trust can provide an $800 Merritt Neighborhood Fund grant to “one of Aquidneck Island’s neighborhood or community groups to support the preservation of small parks, playgrounds, and other natural spaces.”

Groupon reached out to the organization, Ted Clement, Jr., Executive Director of the Aquidneck Land Trust, said.

“We were honored that Groupon selected us as a local charity worth supporting.  Supporting this time-sensitive fundraising initiative is another way our community can help the Aquidneck Land Trust make a lasting green difference for our island community.  This is especially appropriate with Earth Day coming up on Sunday," he said.

If more than 80 donations are collected, the additional money will help fund another grant.

As of Tuesday morning, ten people had currently purchased the Groupon.

The Aquidneck Land Trust is offering the Groupon through Groupon Grassroots, a program that was relaunched this April to help connect communities and local causes.

One hundred percent of donations collected through the program go to the organization.

To donate to the Aquidneck Land Trust, visit their Groupon page here.

To learn how to start your own Groupon Grassroots campaign, read the details here.


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